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All raw materials and products will only be purchased and produced after they meet the basic requirements of FDA in the US market and CE in the European and American markets. We spend a long time building our supply chain to ensure the quality of our products, and review our suppliers from the perspectives of quality, cost, and delivery time. From the beginning of a purchase order, the production progress is regularly followed up. In addition, buyers will visit suppliers from time to time to ensure more stable product quality and delivery time.


A clean and well-equipped workshop is the most basic requirement for the production of medical consumables. The first aid kit is a highly customized product and our workers are regularly trained in product expertise. During the packaging process, the product can also be initially screened. For different first aid kit products, an order detail sheet will be made before production to check the product requirements, and each station of the packaging line has corresponding adjustments and requirements. There are strict implementation standards from material preparation before production to warehousing inspection after production.

Quality Inspection

Our quality inspection starts from the moment the raw materials and products arrive at the factory warehouse, and we check the weight, size, quantity, product function, and other parameters of each incoming product. Quality inspectors will regularly inspect the production workshop and packaging workshop every day according to the order details table. Multiple quality inspections are the smallest investment to avoid greater losses in the future.


After receiving the order, we will make an order detail sheet according to your requirements and confirm with the customer.

During the production process, the production photos of the products are provided for your reference, and the estimated completion time is provided. If any problem is found, we will communicate with you in time and solve it through consultation in the shortest possible time.

After the production is over, determine the quantity of the product and send a photo of the product in bulk to confirm with you.

Regularly follow up on the sales of products and communicate the problems encountered in the sales process, so as to avoid mistakes from happening again in the next cooperation.

R&D Design

Our insightful and experienced designers will work with you to build a perfect first aid kit shape, from product structure to material selection, to achieve a good balance of fashion and function. For the configuration list of the first aid kit, according to the scene requirements of the first aid kit you purchased, we will provide you with professional matching suggestions for your reference, and find the perfect combination of practicality and economy.

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