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At present, there are the following major types of materials for first aid kits on the market: fabric, plastic, metal, and PVC.

Among the fabrics, polyester is the most common material used in first aid kits on the market. Nylon is used less frequently because of its high unit price, and polyester can completely replace nylon materials. Whether it is nylon or polyester, it will be subdivided into 420D 600D 900D, etc. Details Contents welcome email consultation.

Plastics are useful to PP, ABS, PS, PC, etc. Different plastics have different characteristics. For example, PP is more tough, ABS is harder, and PS is more suitable for making a transparent appearance.

PVC material is more applicable to the requirement of waterproofing outdoor bags.

First aid kits made of metal materials are more suitable for office spaces.

  • Fabric materials bag

  • Plastic materials box

  • Metal materials box

  • PVC materials bag

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