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Yiwu Kebon Healthcare Co., Ltd. has been committed to supplying first aid kits and first aid supplies products. Focusing on first aid kits, our product lines contain various accessories such as outdoor travel, military survival, pet first aid, home workshop, car rescue, first aid kit, first aid box, emergency kit, etc. We have been improving and consolidating our supply chain to ensure that we can meet the needs of different types of customers.

Reducing customer risk is something our company always exploring.

To improve product quality, only high-quality product quality reduces the risk of customer product complaints, in order to allow customers to establish a great brand in the market and get more trust from market.

We have a series of quality control documents, from procurement, raw material inspection, to production inspection, all the way to shipment inspection.

Stable delivery time, shorten delivery time, reduce the risk of delivery delay, ensure product delivery ability, so that customers can carry out product sales as planned. We will provide a reliable delivery date in advance according to customer's order requirements and quantity. We can also conduct transactions through third party platforms such as www.alibaba.com to ensure smooth delivery.

After-sales service, we hope to have long-term cooperation with customers. In the after-sales product quality problems, we have been providing protection, finding problems, finding reasons, providing solutions, and making records to prevent the next occurrence are the management requirements we have been doing.

Stable price. On the premise that the company can bear the cost pressure, we will not change the price at will, and will not easily ask for price increase due to raw materials and international exchange rate issues. It is also for customers to have enough competitiveness in their respective markets, always believe that customers have orders, we will have orders.

The company has developed for many years, established a stable supplier chains, a stable quality management system, and a stable team, to bring quality products to the market, quality service, and create a better future with customers.

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