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What should I put in an outdoor first aid kit?


First aid kits should be easily accessible and waterproof. First aid kits used in the field should also be waterproof. Sealed bags or zipper bags are lightweight and practical options.

Whether it is an individual or a group first aid kit, it should be placed in a place that is easily accessible, preferably a position that is known to each team member, so what items are essential in the outdoor first aid kit?

Trauma supplies

1, latex gloves 3 pairs: protect yourself from infection
2, 10C.C. syringe 1: clean the wound, especially the wound that is not easy to clean
3, 1 tweezers: remove foreign bodies from the wound
4, various sizes of gauze 3 packages: wound dressing
5, 1 bottle of iodine: disinfect the wound
6, wide version breathable tape 2 volumes: wound dressing, blister treatment

Ii. Pharmaceutical Products

1, non-steroid anti-inflammatory painkillers 12: anti-inflammatory pain relief
2, 6 antidiarrheal agents: stop diarrhea

3, prevention of heat stroke: ten drops of water, Huo Xiang positive gas liquid, etc

Personal medicines

If you have asthma, diabetes, heart disease, or other personal conditions, please remember to ask your doctor before going up the mountain to assess your suitability for such a trip.

If necessary, the doctor will prescribe the above personal prescription drugs, and if you have the above situation, you should take the initiative to inform the leader, and you should let the leader know where you store the drugs, as well as the method and dosage of use.
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