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Use of tongue depressor


Tongue depressors are generally used to look inside the mouth and throat to reduce saliva secretion and facilitate treatment. Of course, there are other considerations for placing a tongue depressor in a first aid kit, such as:

Choking situations: In some CPR situations, airway obstruction and choking can occur. A tongue depressor can be used to open a blocked airway and ensure oxygen can reach the lungs, which can save a patient's life.

Trauma: Some injuries to the mouth and throat may cause swelling, causing the airway to become blocked. Using a tongue depressor can prevent the injured person's tongue from sliding backward, thus ensuring that the patient's airway remains open at all times.

At the same time, some people may use a tongue depressor to try to expand the throat and mouth, improve sleep breathing or reduce snoring. Of course, it is not recommended to use a tongue depressor for treatment without prior medical background or medical expertise to avoid accidental injuries.

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