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Tactical Emergency Medical Kit


Tactical Emergency Medical Kit is suitable for tactical, adventure, wilderness survival, hiking, camping, mountaineering, cycling, fishing and other outdoor sports. Made of durable Polyester 600D material and waterproof, it is an added protection for your outdoor journey. Here are the contents of the Tactical Emergency Medical Kit:

Israeli bandage: emergency relief of bleeding wounds caused by trauma, can be fixed with one hand, easy to operate

CAT tourniquet: first aid for limb haemorrhage, easy and effective to stop bleeding.

Tactical Pen: for recording tourniquet time.

Scissors: for cutting clothes, tapes or bandages.

Alcohol pad: disinfects wounds and prevents bacterial infections

nitrile gloves: prevent infection and provide hygiene in first aid.

nonwoven triangular bandage: protects wounds from infection while immobilising fractures to reduce pain.

medical tape : fixation bandage or gauze sheet

emergency blanket :Warmth and insulation in extreme weather, also used for distress in the wilderness.

Whistle: used for outdoor distress

adhesive bandage :used to stop bleeding from wounds and to avoid trauma infections

non adherent pad : to avoid bacterial infection, to protect wounds.

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