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The role of the first aid blanket


The emergency blanket is mainly used in cold places, the purpose is to prevent hypothermia of the human body and lead to death, used in low temperature environment, can delay the heat of their own for a certain time, strong reflection, easier to rescue personnel found, is actually a common tool for wild survival. Adding a layer to the sleeping bag can improve the insulation ability, which is great for sleeping temperature.

There are two main ways to keep warm, one way is to add a warm layer, the warm layer is generally some fluffy material, the use of fluffy air included in the surface of the object to form a layer of non-flowing air layer. The air itself is a poor conductor of heat, so it can play a certain role in keeping warm, general down, cotton and so on are used in this way to keep warm. The second way is to keep warm by heat reflection. The heat radiation is reflected back by a highly reflective material. We all know that white clothes are cooler than black clothes because white is more reflective than black and can reflect sunlight back.The emergency blanket is a combination of these two principles. One of the functions of the aluminum film in the aluminum-plastic film is to ensure that a layer of air on the surface of the human body is stable and does not flow, and its most important role is that aluminum is a highly reflective material, which can reflect the thermal radiation emitted by the human body back, and its thermal reflection efficiency is as high as 90%. This effectively reduces the speed of human heat dissipation. Because aluminum is a metal, it is easier to tear and its strength is not high. Therefore, the main purpose of the composite plastic film is to increase the toughness and strength of the emergency blanket.

The emergency blanket is usually about two meters long, so that it can completely wrap around the body. Some emergency blankets are simply made into the shape of envelopes and sleeping bags, and people can be put directly into them at critical times. The folded emergency blanket is only half the size of the palm of your hand and only ten millimeters thick. With such a thing in my bag, I think there will be no fatigue at all. The emergency  blanket is suitable for field exploration, investigation, tourism, disaster use, easy to carry, small, beautiful, practical.

What is the use of the emergency  blanket in our outdoor sports? The use of going to the police to climb the snow mountain is needless to say here, it must be a necessary and carry something. And in general, outdoor should also have one. When going out in winter, once the weather changes and the sleeping bag temperature is not enough, on the one hand, you can spread the first aid in the tent. Another option is to use an emergency blanket that is included over your sleeping bag to get a good night's sleep. In the summer, if you accidentally fall into the water, or encounter a rainstorm, when the whole body is soaked, the advantage of the emergency blanket is that even if you completely soak in the water, as long as you open it when you use it to shake off the water, it will not affect the warm effect at all. When it rains, it can also be used to build temporary tents or temporary ponchos. And whether it is winter or summer, once you have to spend the night in the mountains without any equipment, the emergency blanket is your sleeping bag. It can provide more security for life.

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