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Correct use and understanding of the tools in the first aid kit


First of all, you need to understand what tools are in the first aid kit. Common first aid kit tools include: scissors, tweezers, pins, medical tape, bandages, dressings, gloves, etc. Its detailed functions are as follows:

Scissors: When the body is injured and covered with clothing, cut the clothing so that the wound can be better treated.

Tweezers: Use forceps when applying sterile gauze to avoid contaminating the gauze or wound.

Pins, medical tape: fixed bandages, gauze sheets, etc.

Dressings: used to treat wounds and wounds

Bandage: used to fix wounds, bandage wounds, stop bleeding, etc.

Gloves: Protect first responder and patient hand hygiene and prevent infection

Ice packs: Used to treat swelling, sprains, and other soft tissue injuries and can reduce pain and swelling.

The tools in the first aid kit can provide necessary medical equipment and support in the event of an accident or disease, helping first responders to perform effective medical intervention in treating wounds, stopping bleeding, and fixing wounds, so that patients can be treated as quickly as possible.

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