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Why don’t we include medicines in our first aid kits?


Most first aid kits do not contain medicines, and Kebon wholesale first aid kits do not contain medicines either. You need to purchase medicines according to your own needs.

The main reason for not placing it is because medicines generally require a doctor's prescription before use. At the same time, the purpose of the first aid kit is to treat emergencies, such as sudden heart attacks or injuries. Many medicines need to take into account the patient's individual differences, allergies, and diseases history and other factors. Therefore, if you need it, you can purchase it and add it to your first aid kit under the guidance of your doctor according to the specific situation.

The first aid kit provides some basic medical accessories and items, which can temporarily stop bleeding and bandage during first aid. It only serves as first aid and cannot replace professional medical services.

Secondly, in terms of transportation, the import and export of pharmaceuticals is not easy. Different countries have different drug regulatory regulations and standards, and we cannot import and export drugs to every country.

If you need to add medicines to your first aid kit, you may be able to purchase them directly and add them to your first aid kit. This is more convenient and meets your needs.

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