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Foot Injury First Aid Guide


In life, we may encounter unexpected situations that lead to ankle sprains or even fractures or open wounds. This guide is designed to provide you with first aid for a foot injury and reduce your risk until medical attention is obtained.

If you encounter an ankle sprain, you can use the elastic bandage in the first aid kit for emergency treatment. Place the injured foot on a flat ground with the injured foot upward. Place the elastic bandage in front of the ankle and across the bottom of the foot upward. Move around the back of the ankle one more time. Wrap the elastic bandage around the front of the ankle again and across the bottom of the foot to the back of the ankle. Repeat until the bandage covers the required area or until the bandage is used up. After all the elastic bandage is wrapped around the ankle, secure the band to make sure it is not too tight. , tie at the front of the ankle or secure at the back with a clip.

If the patient has a broken foot, the first step is to call the local emergency number or go to the nearest medical facility. Keep the patient still until medical personnel arrive to avoid aggravating the fracture and causing more damage. If possible, ask the patient to lie down or sit to relieve the patient's pain and discomfort. If there is trauma or bleeding at the fracture site, treat the trauma and bleeding area first.

If there is an open wound on the foot, clean it first. Use gauze and clean hands to gently wipe the stains and blood on the edge of the wound. After cleaning, gently wrap and compress the wound with clean gauze and sterilized gauze bandage to reduce bleeding. Be careful not to tighten too much and cause poor blood circulation. If the wound is severe, seek professional medical help immediately to determine the correct treatment and receive appropriate treatment.

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