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What are the steps in quality inspection of first aid kits?


The first aid kit is designed to quickly treat wounds or symptoms for patients, increasing their chances of survival and recovery. Its quality testing needs to be strict. Different countries or regions have different quality standards for first aid kits, such as

The American Association of Medical Devices (AAMI) has established quality standards for portable and mobile medical devices, ANSI/AAMI, covering the requirements for safety, performance, and reliability of emergency equipment.

The European Organization for the Formulation of Standards (CEN) and the European Electrical Manufacturers Association (CEA) have developed the CEN EN 1789 standard, which covers the requirements for emergency equipment carried on emergency vehicles and non emergency vehicles, including pre equipped sensitive detectors, reliable electrical systems, usable external lighting and visual equipment, etc.

In addition to relevant regulations and standards, consideration should also be given to expected usage scenarios, user capabilities, and common aspects to ensure the quality and effectiveness of first aid kits.

Emergency kit inspection, in addition to specialized agency testing, is also necessary for routine checks, such as:

Appearance inspection: Check whether the overall appearance of the first aid kit is intact, and whether there are cracks, wear, damage, or other external defects.

Accessory inspection: Check if all accessories in the first aid kit are complete, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices, various medical supplies, etc., and whether the first aid kit can accommodate the quantity of accessories of this model.

User manual check: Check if the user manual included in the first aid kit is complete, clear, and can effectively guide users to use the items in the first aid kit correctly. Different models of first aid kits may have accompanying user manuals or operation videos.

Material inspection: Check whether the materials of each item in the first aid kit meet the requirements and confirm their safety and reliability. Different models of first aid kits may use different materials, such as polyester film, leather fabric, plastic materials with good UV stability, and so on.

Functional inspection: For different models, it is necessary to check whether the different functional items equipped in the first aid kit are working properly, such as whether the corresponding functions of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation device have been achieved, whether the medical supplies comply with national standards, and whether they are on schedule.

The quality inspection procedures may vary depending on the actual situation and specific requirements, and the above procedures cannot be used as the standard for each quality inspection.

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