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Selection of personal mini first aid kit


Mini first aid kit is the most choice for personal first aid kit, but mini first aid kit can be subdivided into EVA, PP, PS, ABS, nylon, oxford cloth, polyester, PVC and so on according to the material.

EVA material mini first aid kit features: environmental protection, waterproof, for the rainy days or wet environment can effectively protect the first aid kit internal. Anti-fall, toughness, cushioning effect can protect the interior from damage.

PP,PS,ABS material mini first aid kit shell hard, waterproof, PP material UV resistance is weak is not suitable for outdoor use.PS has a high degree of transparency, can see the inside of the first aid kit is convenient for first aid assistance.ABS flexibility, good resistance to fall.

Polyester, nylon, oxford class material mini first aid kit has the characteristics of not easy to deformation, good elasticity and durability.The nylon mini first aid kit is lightweight, the oxford mini first aid kit is waterproof to a certain extent, but fully waterproof needs to be coated with PVC/PU.

PVC mini first aid kit is impermeable to water and dirt, lightweight and easy to carry.

You can choose the material of the first aid kit according to the scene of use, about the contents of the mini first aid kit, for example,

small wounds: band-aids, gauze tablets, sterile dressings, etc., wound cleansing and disinfection: alcohol tablets, iodine vodka tablets, cleansing wipes, etc.

Tools: scissors, tweezers, cotton swabs, etc.

Emergency class: CAT tourniquet, CPR mask, emergency blanket and so on.

Specific contents of the mini first aid kit need to be increased or decreased according to individual conditions.

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