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Creating a life-saving circle with temperature


Last year, Xiamen City in schools, organs, enterprises and institutions, civic service centers, traffic stations and other public places to put 274 new AED equipment, these "life-saving devices" cover the city's districts of the main crowded places and units, the public can check the nearest AED point through the mobile phone, with the fastest speed, so that life-saving devices play a role.

An AED, also known as an automated external defibrillator, is a portable medical device that can be used by non-specialists to resuscitate people who have suffered cardiac arrest. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, the first four minutes are prime time for rescue. At this time, if someone around you can use an automatic external defibrillator to defibrillate the patient and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the success rate of cardiac arrest patients can be greatly improved. In order to ensure that AED can play an effective role in the event of an emergency, two AED devices are currently deployed in the Hulishan Fort Scenic area.

In order to protect the life, health and safety of citizens, the Municipal Health Commission, together with the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Municipal Red Cross and other ten departments, vigorously promote the "14th Five-Year Plan" public places in Xiamen City to configure AED+ mass emergency rescue public welfare projects. Last year alone, the city added 274 AEDs and carried out 434 training sessions for ambulance officers with more than 28,000 people. In order to enhance the emergency treatment capacity of the psychiatric department, last year, the city Xianyue Hospital added an AED device in the outpatient department.

Chen Ying, Deputy Director of Public Health Department, Xianyue Hospital: Once found on any occasion, anyone falls to the ground, will call our emergency ambulance call, to carry out the golden four-minute rescue, (hospital) a total of 68 people get the ambulance card, set up AED in specialized hospitals, can quickly improve our rescue ability, for the follow-up treatment of patients, get better rescue time.

Xiamen City has also recently used the intelligent management platform to line up the city's AED electronic map in a number of wechat public accounts such as "Beautiful Xiamen Smart Health" and "Xiamen 120", and the masses can query the surrounding points through mobile phones.

In the next step, the Municipal Health and Health Commission will continue to improve the arrangement of AED points, organize investigation, timely check and update equipment, and do a good job of positioning and mapping, while strengthening the mass rescue training, as soon as possible to achieve the city's AED allocation ratio of 1 per 10,000 people, training 106,000 ambulance personnel double goals, and further improve the mass self-rescue mutual rescue network system.

The addition of 274 life-saving artifacts to public places in Xiamen is a very important and meaningful measure. These life-saving devices can provide critical emergency medical support and first aid to patients suffering from acute illnesses such as sudden cardiac arrest. In addition, the installation of life-saving artifacts can improve public awareness and response capacity, enhance the public's understanding and use of the correct first aid methods in emergencies, thereby minimizing the risk of life-threatening outbreaks due to acute diseases.

In addition, thanks to the installation of life-saving artifacts, Xiamen can also better plan and strengthen the public health first-aid system to make full use of existing resources and further enhance the efficiency and capacity of emergency rescue. Overall, this measure will create a warmer, smarter and more medically capable life first aid circle, making a positive contribution to the life safety and health protection of all residents.

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