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How to use first aid items in tactical emergency medical kit? ①


Sterilisation of tactical emergency medical kit and trauma management.For wounds, it is necessary to disinfect first, then apply the adhesive bandage or use a gauze pad to fix the wound with a bandage. Bandages can also immobilise or protect the injured area.

On the hemostatic treatment of tactical emergency medical kits.Severe bleeding from an extremity requires the use of a CAT tourniquet to ensure that the patient receives appropriate treatment before reaching a healthcare facility.The CAT tourniquet can be applied quickly and safely with one hand.Once you have identified the location of the bleeding, apply the CAT tourniquet to the extremity between the wound and the heart. The method of application is as follows:

1. Open the tourniquet and place it around the limb.

2. Pull on the free end of the tourniquet to tighten it.

3. twist the anchor lifter lever until deflation stops.

4. Lock the lever in place.

5. Check the bleeding site to ensure that the bleeding is under control.

6. Monitor the patient for signs of shock or other complications.

To ensure effectiveness, please also have training on how to use the CAT tourniquet prior to an emergency.

Israeli bandage can be used for limbs, groin, head and other parts of the haemostasis, the use of bandage pads in the wound, Wrap tightly and clip into the pressure ring, then fold back and then fixed with gauze on the bracket hook.

Such as nasal ventilation tubes, chest sealing patches, etc. The use of emergency items in tactical emergency medical kits will continue in the following article.

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