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Who knows the story of the invention of the Israeli bandage?


At that time, the Israeli war doctor Bernard Banathan was rescuing the wounded in the battlefield, because the ordinary bandage was not very good at stopping the bleeding, and at that time, a soldier suggested that he could press a stone on the original bandage to speed up the bleeding, and he found that the effect was very good. After that, Dr. Banathan kept thinking about this problem, he wanted to invent a flexible bandage with a brace thought of using an elastic bandage, and then he experimented for more than three years, verified hundreds of methods, and finally succeeded and applied for a patent, which is what we now refer to as the Israeli bandage. Israeli blood clotting bandage is designed to be used with one hand, making it easier to use in combat. Israeli emergency bandages quickly became popular among military personnel around the world and are now widely used in many different Settings, including hospitals, emergency rooms, and outdoor rescue operations. The best Israeli bandage is considered one of the most effective and versatile wound dressings available because israeli bandage can be used to treat a variety of injuries and can be easily adjusted to fit wounds of any size or shape.

The shape of the israeli emergency bandage is shown as follows:

The bandages in the figure are like elastic gaitles, with a crescent shaped elastic support, which can exert a certain force on the wound. This kind of bandages with an embedded compression device is different from ordinary bandages, which can quickly put pressure on the injured place, stop bleeding in the first time, and maximize the chance of rescue survival. The bandage consists of a sterile pad used to cover the wound and an elastic bandage that wraps around the pad and the injured area.Israeli bandage is designed to be used with one hand, making it easier to use in combat.

Israeli bandages were first used in the Bosnian war and were subsequently used extensively in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. At present, israeli emergency bandage is commonly used on U.S. and British ships, and almost every soldier has israeli emergency bandage, and the U.S. military alone buys more than 2 million sets every year. And now first care israeli bandage is not only used in the world's military battlefield, but also widely used by the civilian medical community, and has a wide range of influence.

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