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How to tell if a first aid kit meets the standards


Countries have different requirements for first aid kit product standards and market access. In Europe, the EU-based market requires CE certification. Some first aid kit accessories contain some electrical products that, in addition to meeting relevant requirements, also need to pass IEC conformity assessment. In addition to meeting relevant requirements, German first aid kits must also meet German DIN standards for accessories.

The United States requires industrial first aid kits to meet or exceed federal OSHA standards, and ANSI has developed many standards related to minimum safety items. More than 20 states in the United States have adopted ANSI standard requirements. At the same time, the medical devices and drugs in the first aid kit must meet FDA requirements.

Australia mainly adopts the reference European standards, the product needs to meet the quality of the body ISO13485 certification, in line with the relevant international standards or EU standards.

Other countries basically refer to the above national requirements while combining the countries own standards and registration norms.

First aid kits are closely related to work, life, family, and individuals. The demand trend will continue, and the requirements will become higher and higher, mainly in product standardization, high quality, and personalized design.

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