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Universal outdoor lifesaving saber card use method


The method of use is as follows:

It is usually very dangerous to remove the metal hook by hand, and the problem can be solved safely with this tool without great force.

Insert the multifuncitional card into the handle of your saber, making sure it is firmly installed in place.

1.multi-purpose hook - afraid of heavy bags to delicate fingers strangled beyond recognition? Then use this hook to hook the handle of the bag, just grip the comfortable handle of the knife, no matter how heavy it is.

2.bottle opener - If you need to open the beverage bottle or can, you can use the card knife edge, create a certain degree of bending on the bottle cap, and push the bottle cap upward to open.

3.pin - usually used to do some small things, the key moment can be transformed into a fishing hook, to become a tool for survival in the field.

4.screwdriver - at home when the electrical appliance out of the small problem, and too please maintenance trouble, then do it yourself DIY. Large and small screwdrivers, cross screwdrivers, and wire stripping grooves and pliers will handle the vast majority of situations, unless you want to dismantle the car.

5.nail file - long-term activities in the field, too long nails are easy to damage, toenails may also stab the foot caused by wound infection.

6.scaler - when camping, it is not easy to catch a fish, use the scaler to scrape the scale clean, not embarrassed.

7. Wood saw - How to do without cutlery in the wilderness? Take a wooden saw to cut some bamboo, so that you can use the bamboo tube as a rice bowl, and you can also cut out bamboo chopsticks and forks. New people's cookouts are no longer POTS, pans, knives and forks.

8. ruler - can be used to measure the surface soil and soil thickness. There's a fork in the front, like a fork. It's a unhook.

9.With a wire stripper, you can easily connect to the internal wire of the cable by bringing the cable jack in from the front end.

With a gear knife, you can place the sharp blade of the saber card on the material that needs to be cut and then apply the appropriate pressure downward to cut the surface of the material.

Please note that in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to follow safe operating procedures when using swiss army knifes, and please be aware of swiss army knifes around you to avoid any injury.

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