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Outdoor first aid kit outdoor first aid kit function


The outdoor first aid kit is mainly for the first time rescue treatment in the event of injury, illness, snake and insect bites and other unexpected situations. In foreign countries, the First Aid kit is called first aid. When the accident comes, often the first time treatment is very critical, even life. Therefore, the outdoor first aid kit should be a key piece of equipment that everyone should be fully prepared for every outdoor trip. outdoor first aid bag is possible that this small bag will not be useful in a backpack for a year or two. But in the event of an accident, outdoor medical first aid kit can play a huge role.

In addition to the medicine part, outdoor medical kit should also be equipped with the necessary external medical equipment, which includes band-aids, gauze, elastic bandages, first aid blankets, etc. Before departure, read the drug instructions carefully and remember the use method, dosage and contraindications of each drug.

Always check the production date and shelf life of the drugs in the first aid kit to ensure that all drugs in the first aid kit are within the shelf life to prevent expired misuse and cause more trouble. In fact, the contents of the first aid kit are not only useful in the event of injury, but can also be useful in other situations. For example, Band-Aids can also temporarily repair broken hardshell jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, tents, etc.; In addition to bandaging, gauze can also be used as a filter of water, elastic bandages can be used as temporary knee and ankle support when joint sprain to help ligament recovery, and can also be used as a temporary emergency hemostatic belt. Its role includes the following aspects:

1. Respond to acute diseases and accidental injuries: in outdoor activities, people may be injured or sick, such as falls, sprains, skin abrasions, heat stroke, snake bites, etc., and the outdoor first aid kit is equipped with first-aid medicines, bandages, disinfectants and other tools, which can provide necessary primary medical rescue.

2. Emergency rescue: In outdoor activities, people may get lost or encounter other dangerous situations, such as landslides, falling rocks, etc., outdoor first aid kits are also equipped with bell cages, matches, wipes, flashlights and other life rescue tools, which can help a certain degree of emergency treatment.

3. Rescue of many seriously injured patients: In some cases, there may be multiple injured patients who need to be rescued, such as car accidents or mountain disasters, and outdoor first aid kits can help save many people.


First aid blanket

Clamp tourniquet

Safety pin

Triangular towel (non-woven)

Medical elastic bandage

Medical nonfat gauze

Iodophor cotton swabs


Medical tape (non-woven fabric substrate)


Disposable rubber inspection gloves

Cleaning wipes

Hermetic bag

First aid manual

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