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What should be included in the workplace first aid kit?


For most workplaces, a workplace first aid kit should contain items such as bandages, dressings, and sterilisation. Specific needs:

Various types of bandages: for Bandaging and fixation of fractures, sprains, etc.

Dressings: to clean and dress wounds.

Disinfectants: for disinfecting wounds (e.g. alcohol tablets, iodine tablets, etc.)

Medicines: triple antibiotics, burn gel, etc.

Safety equipment such as masks: for prevention of injuries and contamination.

Thermometers: for measuring body temperature

Gauze, cotton balls, medical tape, etc.: for minor wounds

Masks: for first aid for patients with shortness of breath and respiratory distress

Various tools: e.g. gloves, tweezers, scissors, etc.

First-aid telephone numbers and first-aid instructions: for employees to be able to quickly and accurately perform first-aid operations in an emergency.

Workplace first aid kits can be configured according to your own needs, and should be regularly checked and maintained. In addition, in the production safety, the prevention of accidents is the most important, we should strengthen the safety education and the implementation of safety responsibility, improve the safety awareness of employees, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of accidental injuries.

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