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What gloves are included in a first aid kit?


Some common gloves found in first aid kits include nitrile gloves, PVC (powder-free) gloves, PVC (powder-containing) gloves, and less commonly, surgical gloves.

Nitrile gloves are gloves made of nitrile rubber, which are very durable and can withstand the corrosive effects of most chemicals. They are not easy to wear or tear and will not cause allergic reactions. However, nitrile gloves do not have the stretchability of natural rubber, so you need to choose a size that fits better. Gloves that are too long or too tight may cause discomfort to the hand and difficulty in gripping.At the same time, nitrile gloves are easily contaminated by oil, so extra care and caution are required in certain environments.

There are two types of PVC gloves: powder-free and powder-free. PVC gloves are usually cheaper than powder-free ones. They can block dangerous substances such as grease and chemicals, but they are not suitable for handling organic solvents and high-temperature substances. There are powdered gloves with starch powder coated on the inside for easy putting on and taking off. There is no residual powder on the hands after taking off the gloves. The gloves fit well, but when the powder spreads into the environment during wearing, it can cause allergies or cross-infection with microorganisms. The quality is not as good as the powder-free version, and it cannot completely prevent contamination from hazardous substances. The powder-free model is suitable for environments that require long-term wear, but the gloves are relatively tight and are not easy to wear in a short period of time.

Surgical gloves are made of nitrile, latex, vinyl and other materials. Strict production management, processing and handling ensure that the quality and production process of the gloves meet hygienic requirements. It has excellent protective properties that can block blood, liquid chemicals and other dangerous substances from harming medical staff, effectively avoiding problems such as cross-contamination of infections during surgery. Attention and concentration are higher, the glove fits better, and the hand feel and superior feel are more delicate and precise. However, it is not suitable for people with latex allergies (such as those who have contact dermatitis), and the cost is relatively high.

Some first aid kits will also be equipped with work gloves depending on the use environment. Usually, nitrile gloves and PVC gloves are mainly used in first aid kits. Nitrile gloves are slightly more expensive, but they can avoid allergies. In terms of usage scenarios, nitrile gloves are not as widely used as PVC gloves. Specifically, you need to consider your own situation, use environment and needs and other aspects to choose.

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