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What a Band-aid does


The traditional band-aid is a long tape, and the middle is covered with gauze soaked in medicine, so as to protect the wound and temporarily stop bleeding. The second is one of the most commonly used surgical drugs in People's Daily life, band-aids are commonly known as sterilization elastic band-Aids, which are mainly composed of tape and absorbent pads.

Pain relief: Since a Band-aid can hold down the injured skin area, it can create a stress-reducing environment and reduce the feeling of pain in the skin area. Prevent bacterial infection: Open wounds are easily infected, and if the wound is not properly treated, bacteria can easily invade, resulting in wear and penetration. Band-aids can indirectly reduce the invasion of bacteria. If necessary, you can disinfect the bandage with a suitable solution before applying it. 

According to different needs, there are many shapes of band-Aids for patients to use. In fact, there are many wounds that can not be applied, such as small wounds, animal bite wounds and more contaminated wounds. Slight skin scratches this does not need to stick, serious trauma and wound pollution can not stick, can not be stuck by the iron nail knife tip, can not stick after burns, so its limitations are still very large, generally used for the usual abrasion can be.

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