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The role of disposable medical ice packs


Ice packs can be quickly cooled anytime, anywhere. Although there is no problem in the name of "medical" medical quality, but Its role is not only in this field.

The coolant particles in the disposable medical ice pack are mainly composed of urea or ammonium nitrate added to purified water and then packaged with polyethylene and nylon or non-woven composite film. The disposable medical ice pack you want to buy can achieve the best use effect when using, in addition to the high quality of the disposable medical ice pack. First of all, we must master the correct way to use ice pack.

Ice packs constrict blood vessels and can be used to relieve discomfort such as pain and swelling, as well as to help cool down. Before use, ice pack is necessary to clean the medical ice pack and confirm whether it is within the validity period. Then apply the medical cold pack directly to the affected area, be careful not to contact the skin directly, can be slightly bent to avoid frostbite. If you are a child, you can apply the medical cold pack directly to the neck, armpit, groin and other large blood vessels.

In addition, when using a medical ice pack, do not directly contact the ice pack with the skin to avoid skin damage. The medical ice pack can be shaken first, and then gradually massaged to promote local blood circulation. In addition, if the use of medical ice packs, skin swelling, pain and other discomfort symptoms, should stop use in time, and go to the hospital.

Ice packs are widely used in first aid kits, and ice pack is necessary to consider whether ice packs are needed in the purchase of first aid kits.

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