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Why are bandage scissors curved


Curved surgical scissors can enter areas that straight scissors cannot. Sometimes they are more helpful for blunt dissection. The bandage scissors are intentionally designed this way now. It has a blunt tip that can be easily removed from clothing or bandages when placed on the skin.

Bandage scissors are a type of scissors specifically designed for cutting medical bandages, typically with curved cutting edges. The curved cutting edge is designed to better cut bandages.

The bending design of the bandage scissors makes it more convenient to operate and can better cut to the parts that need to be processed.

A curved scissor blade can better cut the bandage to the desired size and shape, reducing the contact between the scissor blade and the skin surface, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

The curved scissor blade structure can more evenly distribute the shear force, reduce the loss and wear of the scissor blade, thereby enhancing the durability and lifespan of the scissor.

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