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Eye cleaning


Sometimes we encounter flying insects, dust, sand and other foreign objects entering our eyes, and we need to clean them and relieve eye discomfort.

If you need to treat an eye wound or eye trauma, we may need the help of some first aid supplies. For example

Purified water or saline: used to clean eyes or eye wounds.

Sterile cotton balls or gauze: Use to clean and wipe the injured eye or surrounding area.

Eye drops: This needs to be prepared according to the doctor’s advice

Eyewash is a common accessory included in first aid kits to deal with eye discomfort. Used with an eyewash cup, foreign matter can be flushed out and chemical substances can be washed away to prevent further damage to the eyes. For symptoms such as dry eyes, watery eyes, eye fatigue, and itchy eyes caused by allergies, eye wash can lubricate and soothe.

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