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Community first aid kits


Community first aid kits are designed to provide basic first aid to community residents in the event of an injury or illness. The first aid kit usually contains medical gloves, dressings and bandages, gauze, iodophor, alcohol antiseptic, mask, tourniquet, scissors, tweezers, etc.

A community first aid kit can help you if you don't have a first aid kit with you. Our blood is limited, and the hemostatic supplies in a first aid kit can help you avoid excessive blood loss and reduce the risk to your life until medical help arrives. It can also provide help to others who are experiencing trauma.

Community first aid kits are generally placed in easily accessible, recognizable locations where you can find them quickly. If you don't know the specifics of your local community first aid kit, check with your local organization or check community bulletin boards to ensure that you have access to a first aid kit in case of an emergency and that it is easily accessible.

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