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Why identify counterfeit CAT tourniquets?


Why identify counterfeit CAT tourniquets?

Hemorrhagic bleeding is the leading cause of preventable Combat deaths on the battlefield, and the most commonly used by foreign armies is a type of Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T), seen in the movies, which is usually worn over the shoulder. The spinning tourniquet is a tool that the injured can operate by themselves, and the force is controlled by themselves. By tightening the band continuously until the blood stops flowing, the tourniquet is fastened on the fixed part to complete the operation process. In the US army, the tourniquet mainly comes from two brands SOF and CAT. CAT is distributed to regular troops, while SOF tourniquets are distributed primarily to special forces. The reason for this is that SOF is 1/3 more expensive than CAT, but through practical use, SOF tourniquets are indeed much easier to use than CAT, and the design is more reasonable.You can find CAT tourniquets in military first aid kits and tactical first aid kits.

The impact of fakes

These features, while small and hard to discern in many cases, can be a clear indication that the CAT may be counterfeit. It takes a keen eye to spot most violations, and often the decisive factor that leads people to buy counterfeit cats is the fact that they are obviously cheap. The number of counterfeit 6th generation CAT products peaked, prompting Composite Resources to update the design to the current 7th generation in 2016. While the cheaper cost may appeal to some, there have been documented cases of fake e-cats causing injured people to bleed to death or complicating treatment. To date, there is little evidence that overseas manufacturers' efforts match current Gen 7 designs.

Identify the characteristics of counterfeit CAT

Perhaps one of the biggest identifiers of counterfeit CAT is the difference between real sonic welding and thermal bonding. This can be evident throughout the tourniquet, especially in the winch band and the red tail end. The premise of thermal bonding is to take a heated element and simply press it against the nylon to melt any fabric and create a bond. However, this is often unequal and ineffective in creating something that can withstand high stress.

In some documented cases, the GEN 6's windbreaker strap had a removable white sticker and/or the "time" font was inconsistent, or off-center.

Reasons to avoid fraudulent TQ

While this goes without saying, some people still need a reason to avoid buying, using, or checking their devices to get a fake CAT. Perhaps the biggest reason to avoid the (intentional) use of counterfeit CAT centers on blocking the limbs and blood flow of the wounded. In the context of a tourniquet application, occlusion occurs when the tourniquet is tightened, applying direct pressure from all sides to stop or cut off blood flow that would otherwise leave the limb unrestrained. A true tourniquet, properly applied, requires only 2-3 rotating winch rods to achieve complete occlusion. In contrast, counterfeit CAT can rotate the skein rod up to 10 times before reaching sufficient pressure for occlusion (if at all). This can lead to severe blood loss and pose a risk to the wounded.

The second reason to avoid using counterfeit CAT is because it is easy to break. These breakages are due to substandard parts, manufacturing, or other causes, but simply poor design. You could be unknowingly trusting your life or the life of a wounded person to a product that will break once enough force is applied or used.

Where to buy genuine goods

So where can you safely buy a real CAT? There are still many trusted vendors that offer legitimate CAT:


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